S-B-B認定整備技術者Get a quick service first thing in the morning to improve your slide!

Getting the most out of snow sports starts from looking after your equipment.
Taking care of your board or skis by waxing before use will allow you to maximise your experience on the snow.

  • You can send us your gear in advance, we’ll tune it up ready for you to pick up from the shop first thing in the morning.
  • Visit the shop before you hit the mountain, we can tune your equipment to suit conditions.
  • If you want us to wax and edge your board by hand, leave it with us overnight and pick it up the next morning.
  • A machine wax can be done while you wait, it only takes about 10 minutes.
  • You may need to wait longer than this for a machine wax if the shop is busy.

Tune-up fee

Same price for skis and snowboards. We can set your edges to your preferred angle

Quick Wax (Machine) ¥500 Using the Wax Machine (Available at both stores)
Edge (Machine) ¥500 Using the Edger(Only available at the Nagasaka store)
Wax ¥2,000 Hand wax and machine edge(Available at both stores)
Wax and Edge ¥2,500 Hand wax and machine edge(Available at both stores)

SBB Maintenance recognition

Our rental shop has expert knowledge and has been verified by passing a setting and maintenance course to the international standards ISO 11088/JIS S7028.