Privacy Policy

NOZAWA Sports Thanx takes the greatest care and responsibility to protect customers privacy. We understand the social and legal implications involved with dealing with customers personal information and we promise to take the highest level of care protecting and using customers personal information.

1.Collection of Personal Information.

In the case of requesting customers personal information we will advise you of the purpose of its collection and use in advance except in the following circumstances:

  • Any information received for the purpose of enquiry through this website, by phone or in person.
  • Information received through general conversation or business card exchange.

2.Range of Information Collected.

We collect the following kinds of information from customers:

  • Customer’s name, Contact Details, Height, Weight, Boot size and any other information necessary for providing rental service.
  • In the case of one person renting on behalf of another person it will be necessary to collect some personal information from both parties.


We collect personal information for the following purposes:

  • Recording phone numbers and email addresses of customers.
  • For the purpose of getting in contact directly with the customer.
  • For sending email with the purpose of informing customers about events, campaigns and other services.
  • In the interests of improving customer service we may contact you to ask questions. In that case we will request permission in advance.

4. Sharing of Personal Information with Third Parties

In some cases private information can be shared with third parties such as:

  • In the case that we have recieved permission from the customer.
  • If it is required by law.
  • In cases when customer information is shared in such a way that individual customers cannot be identified.

5.Sharing of Personal Information

In some cases it is necessary to share some customers personal information with third parties such as sharing details with another company during booking, in the event of a customer leaving something behind or sending of goods.

6.Storage of Personal Information

We follow suitable administration procedures as responsible holders of customers personal information. We will do everything we can to prevent any breach of customer privacy.

7.Protection of Privacy on Pages that are Linked to from this Website

We can not gaurantee nor accept responsibility for the safety of customers personal information on websites that are linked to from our own website. With regards to protection of privacy on websites other than this one, we request that customers take all care to check the safety of websites and administer the protection of their own personal information by themselves.

8.Changes to Our Privacy Policy

Changes in the collection, scope or purpose of use of customers personal information will be notified on our website.