About a change, the cancellation of the reservation

Please inform it of whether you have you file for the reservation of the rental product from the Internet about a change, the cancellation over a telephone.
When a change, cancellation is necessary, please file early.
In addition, thank you for your understanding when it is not come to the store even if it is past a reservation day because I may cancel a reservation.

I make a reservation on the telephone 0120-64-0112
Time in 8:00-17:00
*Saturday and Sunday, celebration 7:30~17:00

About the change of the reservation

I have you come to the store in the case of the change of the rental product and, after the exchange of the product, hand the detailed statement after the change at accounts corner.

About cancellation

The visitor of the rental accepts cancellation day after day if you can return it by 9:00 on the next morning.
As for anyone after the use cannot cancel it. (even if use time is short)